Petrochemical: lifting services

Lifting services in the petrochemical industry

Are you looking for a partner specialised in lifting services and equipment for petrochemical plants? Conbit offers not only the necessary know-how and expertise on regular and special lifting but also engineering capability and thorough work preparations. Our experience in the petrochemical industry when it comes to lifting services includes: alternative lifting, lift consultancy, flare-tip replacement, skidding and jacking, and much more.

Lifting consultancy

Non-routine lifting operations require thorough engineering preparation. The engineering works include lifting plans, installation procedures, work procedures and special equipment design. Conbit has a solid foundation in engineering. Our lifting and structural engineers have made numerous lifting plans and designed special lifting-gear configurations, upending procedures, skidding and jacking operations, etc. When all the preparations are completed, Conbit manages or supervises all the on-site works to ensure that everything is executed according to plan. If you need to execute a non-routine installation, replacement or demolition operation, choose Conbit as your reliable, experienced partner.

Alternative lifting

Sometimes an installation or replacement operation seems impossible to execute, for example because access is severely restricted or only seems feasible with extremely expensive equipment. We at Conbit love such challenges, and we enjoy studying your situation to find an alternative solution. We have successfully completed many challenging operations by designing alternative solutions. With our thorough engineering design, planning and work preparations, we transform ideas into reality. Do you have a seemingly impossible challenge or an idea for a solution? Discuss your challenge or idea with Conbit to find an alternative solution.

Flare-tip replacement

When it comes to flare-tip replacement or flare-tip handling, Conbit has a long and impressive track record. Conbit’s technicians have executed flare-tip replacements all over the world. Whether the job is to be done using a regular crane, Conbit’s alternative lifting-gantry solutions or retractable flare systems, Conbit has solutions for all flare-tip replacement challenges.


Lifting services for the (petro-)chemical industry

Flare-Tip Replacement

Flare-tip replacement services is one of Conbit’s specialties. We offer lifting solutions for both offshore and onshore flare-tip handling services.

Petrochemical: flare-tip replacement

Conbit provides flare-tip replacements for the onshore petrochemical industry.

Rope Access Services

Conbit has a team highly experienced IRATA rope access technicians who assist in various on and offshore activities world wide

Procurement & Fabrication

Conbit has extensive experience in coordinating the procurement and fabrication process of the designed lifting tools.

Relevant case studies for lifting services in Petrochemical

Bongkot Flare Tip Replacement

Offshore Skidding of Compressor Module

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