Lifting equipment for the (petro-)chemical sector

Conbit’s lifting equipment is suitable for all kinds of lifting jobs. Conbit provides common lifting equipment below the hook and special temporary cranes when the use of regular cranes is not possible or ineffective.

Lifting equipment below the hook

Conbit’s modular equipment can be used for a variety of spreader bars, lifting frames, etc. The advantage of working with Conbit is that we provide you with additional engineering services. Lifting plans and smart lifting solutions are available to you.

Temporary cranes

Conbit has modular equipment that can be assembled into various temporary cranes. These temporary cranes are built on site with the use of modular parts. Our temporary cranes are normally used when regular cranes cannot access the lifting location.

Equipment certification

Conbit is EKH certified, which means that we can certify lifting equipment whenever its certification date has passed. If you need a lifting equipment test-and-certification partner, Conbit is the answer.


Lifting equipment for the (petro-)chemical industry

Temporary Cranes

Conbit supplies cranes for special lifting operations; a flexible and modular system for a wide variety of configurations.

Petrochemical: temporary cranes

Temporary cranes for the petrochemical industry. Conbit provides temporary cranes for special lifting operations.

Relevant case studies for lifting equipment in (petro-)chemical

Modular Lifting System

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