Tower reinforcement

Conbit’s R&D engineers have developed a unique tower reinforcement system to strengthen existing telecom towers and thus increase their antenna-carrying capacity.

Telecom tower reinforcement: the new way

Since several providers rolled out their 4G networks, many telecom towers have reached the limit of their antenna-carrying capacity. Neither strength nor deflection criteria allow for any additional antennas. Conbit has developed its Latics tower-reinforcement solution to add structural strength. This enables more flexible, efficient radio planning and ultimately a higher return on investment.

Benefits of Latics: a Conbit product

If you need to reinforce your telecom tower, Latics is a great solution to increase the tower’s strength and reduce its deflection. By using Latics, you can add 35% of the original capacity! The Latics consists of 4 elements: bottom connection, middle connection, tension bars and top connection.


Using Latics for tower reinforcement has the following benefits:

  • Building a new tower is not necessary.
  • There is no network downtime.
  • Lead and assembly times are minimal.
  • No welding is necessary, because all components are clamped and bolted.
  • The space for new antennas and radio technologies is considerably increased.
  • Due to low costs and high rental yield, using Latics is economically attractive.
  • Because no crane is needed and assembly is manual, roadblocks are avoided.
  • The Latics telecom tower reinforcement is barely visible. The design is so elegant that the additional structures are hardly noticeable.

Mast types

Conbit has designed Latics for a number of varying telecom towers and masts. These include steel lattice, steel tubular and concrete tubular tower types. If your telecom tower type has not yet a Latics type designed, Conbit can investigate the possibility of including it in their portfolio.

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