Conbit, as a lifting company, has developed a flexible and modular temporary crane system. Our system can be used to build a crane at any location, simply by assembling the modular components. This enables our customers to install or replace almost any structure or equipment at any location without the worries of getting it into position. Often, Conbit’s temporary cranes are used where normal cranes cannot gain access or are very expensive to mobilise. This is often the case in an offshore environment or on a very high tower or stack.

Depending on the type of lifting that needs to take place, Conbit advises either a single-boom crane, a gantry crane or an even more specialised crane solution. All Conbit cranes can be manually installed.

Each modular assembly is completed with structural calculations and load tests, as well as installation and work procedures. Load plans and load-carrying capacity checks of the installation location are standard aspects of Conbit’s scope of work.

Single-boom cranes

One of many temporary crane types Conbit supplies is the single-boom (or derrick) crane. We supply single-boom cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 1 to 30 tonnes. Single-boom cranes can also be used in a duo-lift setup to double the total lifting capacity. For each required capacity, a different configuration is assembled. This is the main advantage of Conbit’s modular design of crane components.

Gantry cranes

If space is limited or crane stability is essential, we advise the use of a gantry crane. The advantage of a gantry crane is that it can lift objects between the gantry legs. This allows a limited lifting distance with a low-weight structure. Due to its shape, it is a highly stable lifting solution. Off-lead and side-lead forces of the load can easily be absorbed by this type of crane. Also, lifting operations on moving objects such as vessels or FPSO’s are preferably executed using Conbit’s gantry-crane solutions.

Special cranes

Conbit has designed many special cranes using its modular parts. In many cases, each lifting job requires a customised crane assembly. This is the case, for example, when lifting below a deck or inside a structure. Conbit engineers rise to such challenges!

Certified cranes

All Conbit’s modular components are designed and produced according to the applicable safety codes and the highest industrial standards. Design, materials and fabrication are fully traceable. All components are registered and checked in a traceability database. Each assembly is completed with structural and operational engineering documentation and tested at our yard before use. Clients and third parties are welcome to check all our documentation and witness our tests, and we have received numerous compliments on the professionality of our approach.

Conbit equipment is provided for specified lifting jobs and only Conbit trained personnel are allowed to operate it.

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