Conbit has a long background in designing structures for the telecom industry. Since 1996, Conbit has engineered a significant part of the mobile networks in the Netherlands.

Conbit provides specialised engineering services for mobile telecom networks, including all engineering related to construction of antenna sites. With our extensive structural engineering know-how and expertise we are able to design and check a wide variety of structures, from lattice towers, through building sites to high-voltage pylons — Conbit takes care of it all.

Conbit’s impressive track record includes more than 20 years of experience in delivering engineering packages for mobile network antenna sites. Conbit not only provides high-quality services but also maintains a short lead time. Because Conbit uses its own software, we provide our clients with very reliable planning information.


Our services include delivering a complete engineering package, including calculations, drawings and advice, for:

- Rooftop sites
- Placing equipment on historic buildings
- Greenfield sites
- High-voltage pylons


Rooftop sites are located in urban areas. Antennas are installed on wall-mounted poles or pole frames located on the roof of a building. These sites require special engineering. The structure of existing walls is often weak. To avoid instability, Conbit designs and installs a solid secondary structure.


Antenna sites located on historic buildings are given special attention to reduce the visibility of the telecom installation. Conbit has frequently been complimented for its work by owners of historic buildings. Treating such locations with care and designing antenna positions to be as far as possible out of the public gaze is a Conbit speciality.


Greenfield sites are located near highways, country roads, sports fields and industrial areas. If the soil type requires this, the antennas and dishes are installed on a lattice tower. The antennas and dishes can be mounted directly to the tower or on a secondary structure.


HVP sites are located wherever high-voltage electricity is conducted above ground. Such sites are similar to Greenfield sites. Conbit supplies a full range of designs for antenna holders. We also make designs and calculations with regard to the strengthening of structures and foundations. Conbit’s R&D engineers have developed a unique tower-reinforcement system to strengthen existing telecom towers and thus increase their antenna-carrying capacity: Latics tower reinforcement.

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