Rope access makes difficult-to-reach locations accessible in a safe and efficient manner. It refers to a set of techniques whereby ropes and specialised hardware are used for working at heights. Conbit has a team of well trained and highly experienced IRATA rope-access technicians who assist in a variety of situations such as specialised rigging and lifting projects, and maintenance and repair activities in towers and stacks. Conbit’s rope-access team can be deployed all over the world, for onshore as well as offshore projects.



Conbit’s rope-access technicians operate according to the Code of Practice of IRATA (the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). IRATA is the global standard for industrial rope technology (comparable to SPRAT, the Society of Rope Access Technicians).

In rope-access work our focus is on safety, which means performing the activities with minimal risks, dangerous occurrences and incidents. To ensure the safety of all parties involved, the rope-access activities are strictly planned and managed for quality and safety. A two-rope system is employed: the working rope provides access and support for the worker, while the safety rope provides an independent back-up system. Clients have awarded our team for showing good on-the-job safety and working practices.


Rope access offers several benefits over conventional access systems for difficult-to-reach worksites. It is a safe, cost-effective, efficient and versatile means of access.

Rope access is recognised as the safest method for project completion, due to the high standard of required training. Each rope-access crew member must meet rigorous standards and pass tough evaluations to ensure that he is fully prepared for working safely and efficiently at heights.

Unlike traditional access methods, custom rope-access solutions can be quickly and inexpensively designed to fit a wide variety of situations and applications. Rope access makes it possible to reach all parts of a vertical structure using minimal time, space and equipment and reducing material and labour costs.


As specialists with vast experience in the rope-access industry, Conbit offers fully project-managed work scopes by supplying experienced rope-access personnel to execute a full range of services.

Because Conbit is a specialised lifting company, its technicians are used to working with unconventional methods of handling a variety of loads. Our rope-access services can be used for special lifting and rigging projects, (offshore) flare-tip replacement, load tests, offshore crane replacement and offshore installations.

As a result of their ample experience in these areas, the team members can easily adapt to changing situations. The team is always supported by a structural engineering department, which means that Conbit can provide solutions in the most challenging projects.

Rope access can also be used for maintenance and repair activities in onshore stacks and towers ; for example, for guy-wired towers and telecom projects. Furthermore, their skills can be highly beneficial in salvage operations and they can also be deployed as a standby rescue team.


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