Cost and time efficient: Conbit takes care of procurement and fabrication of designed lifting tools


Besides designing and specifying the equipment for your lifting challenge, Conbit has extensive experience in coordinating the procurement and fabrication process of the designed lifting tools.



Knowledge of the market and legal conditions makes Conbit an ideal partner to support your procurement requirements. As designers we have knowledge of technical requirements and are able to make selections of suppliers based on reliability, quality and costs.

Procurement services can be provided in two ways:

  • On behalf conditions. Conbit negotiates and acts on behalf of their client. The final agreement for the delivery of goods is made between the client and supplier.
  • Design & construct agreement. Conbit acts as supplier of the goods. The client however will be consulted and informed during the procurement process.

In big projects it is often cost and time efficient to let the engineers handle procurement. In the early engineering stages, quotations can be requested and engineered solutions can be modified throughout the process to improve the cost-quality ratio. This approach has a lot of advantages compared to the traditional approach, which required the engineer to be finished designing before the procurement process could begin.

Our dedicated team of procurement professionals selects the right and qualified supplier for the specific part and collaborates with the supplier to get to the best end result. We try to minimize the number of sub-contractors to avoid interface risks.



If the specified lifting tools need to be manufactured according to our specific design, Conbit provides coordination of the manufacturing process. The manufacturers chosen can meet Conbit’s quality level and the standards. Conbit has extensive experience with many manufacturers and selected the most suitable for the project. During the manufacturing process Conbit stays in close contact with the suppliers to stay on top of the production and planning.

The designed lifting tools that need to be fabricated, also need to be certified. This means that all items have to be traceable and the quality guaranteed. Conbit is in charge of coordinating the certification. As part of the fabrication and certification process, Conbit will provide a complete documentation package on material certificates, welding documentation, third party witness tests and load tests.

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