Offshore flare tips range in weight from 500 to 6000 kg. Most platforms have an HP (high-pressure) and a LP (low-pressure) flare tip. Often, other types of flare tips are installed to flare different types of gases. The flare-tip replacement method is basically the same for all types and depends mainly on size and weight.

The ultimate goal of a flare-tip replacement project is to minimize shutdown time and ensure safe operation. The mechanical handling systems that Conbit uses for these specific tasks are tested and certified before shutdown. There is no need to have permanent provisions in heat-affected zones. No inspection at the flare-tip access platform is required, so the assembly of the lift configuration can start immediately after shutdown.

Flare-tip replacement in the oil and gas industry

Conbit has executed many flare-tip replacements in the oil and gas industry, mainly using special temporary lifting equipment. We operate worldwide – offshore as well as onshore.

Offshore oil and gas flare-tip replacement

Conbit executes offshore flare-tip replacement operations on fixed platforms and FPSO’s. We work on vertical flare towers as well as inclined boom flare stacks, always with the rig in a shutdown state. Our main focus is to minimize the number of shutdown days necessary.

Assembling the lifting system for offshore flare-tip replacement

The lifting system can be assembled manually on top of the flare-tip access platform. The first step during shutdown is to manually bring up a rope, which is used to pull up a winch wire to the flare-tip access platform. The winch wire is used to transport the various components to the top. The lifting system can be manually installed on top of the flare-tip access platform, because all the components are light. The flare tip is raised with a lift winch, which remains at deck level.

Conbit provides flare-tip replacement not only as a service to existing facilities but also to meet the requirements of handling specifications that must be supplied by the fabrication yard of new platforms or FPSOs. In the latter case, the flare-tip handling strategy is studied and engineered in detail. Given this engineered package, a future flare-tip replacement can be completed even more efficiently. During recent years, increasing numbers of operators have requested that a flare-tip handling system be delivered with a new offshore platform or FPSO. Conbit also supplies the equipment package.

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