Conbit is specialised in servicing guy-wired structures, which gain their stability from pre-tensioned guy wires. To keep the structure safe, the wires must be made of the correct material, be maintained in good condition and have the correct tension. Conbit has a skilled team of engineers and rope-access technicians to provide the full service package for guy-wired structures. Our services include: structural engineering, reverse engineering, inspection, repair, maintenance and certification.


Conbit has a long and excellent track record in structural engineering of hundreds of towers of all kinds, including guy-wired towers. Whether you have an existing tower to maintain or modify or you need to construct a new tower, Conbit engineers will gladly apply their expertise to help you. In designing guy-wired towers, Conbit priorities effectiveness and safety but also focuses on practicality of maintenance.


Often, clients have limited information on their existing guy-wired structure. They are unaware of the necessary pre-tensioning of the wires. Conbit will inspect and measure the structure on site, study the available information and conduct a reverse-engineering study to determine the intended design. According to the outcome of this study, Conbit can advise a repair, maintenance and inspection protocol that enables the structure to remain certified in the future.


Guy wires are constantly in motion and under considerable stress. Because the wires are continuously exposed to changing air and weather conditions, frequent professional inspections according to the appropriate protocol are essential. The choice of inspection regime depends on the guy-wire materials.


During inspections, damage or wear and tear to certain parts of the guy-wired structure may be found. One aspect of our services is to supply the necessary new parts and install them. If parts cannot be replaced, we can arrange for them to be repaired.


The pre-tensioned guy wires, which give the structure its stability, must be maintained in good condition and at the correct tension. This demands a strict and consistent maintenance protocol to keep the structure safe. Frequent professional inspection, as well as annual tension servicing and oiling is essential to ensure safety, to prevent unnecessary maintenance and to prolong the service life of the wires. Conbit provides a complete package of maintenance services, include greasing, (hydraulic) tensioning and painting. Conbit’s activities are thoroughly prepared and well managed, which minimises the shutdown period that is necessary for imaintenance activities.


Conbit takes full service ownership of your guy-wired structure. We consistently schedule and keep you informed of the next steps. This enables your structure’s certification to be kept up to date, so that you can rely on its safety.

guywire maintenance
guywire maintenance
guywire maintenance
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