Conbit offers below deck lifting as an alternative to heavy-lift vessels, crane vessels and jack-up barges for the installation of modules at locations that are difficult to reach on offshore platforms. Conbit has developed special lifting solutions suitable for offshore environments. Our engineers and offshore teams can complete installation projects below deck. Please have a look at our case-studies.

Below-deck lifting is sometimes necessary because traditional cranes cannot get a crane hook underneath a deck. With traditional crane-type solutions, (part of) the deck needs to be removed so that the load can be lifted. Another option is to position the crane boom under the deck; however, there may be insufficient lifting height to do this.

Temporary lifting solutions enable Conbit to lift medium-sized modules (1 – 100 tonnes) under decks. Offshore lifting, directly from a supply vessel, is one of the services we offer. Conbit has installed numerous living quarters, oil-storage tanks and other modules directly from a supply vessel to positions under weather decks, helidecks and topsides.

Conbit was originally a structural engineering company, but over the years it developed into a special lifting company. The combination of its solid background in structural engineering, special lifting expertise and extensive offshore experience makes Conbit a reliable partner for taking on challenging below-deck lifting projects.

Suspended winches

Conbit has developed special suspended winches for below-deck lifting operations. The winches are high speed and especially useful for offshore lifting. We have many years of experience lifting modules directly to and from supply vessels.

Each suspended winch is hinge-connected to a lift point, which allows it to move in all wind directions. This makes the suspended winches especially useful for cross-hauling operations.

We are highly experienced in lifting modules by means of suspended winches. Depending on the situations lifts up to 20 tonnes are already possible and currently we are working on an upgraded version that allows modules of 40 tonnes to be lifted.

Hand-over operations

Conbit is experienced in special offshore lifting operations. To install, replace or remove an offshore module or part, a chain of lifting steps is often necessary. This may include rigging jobs, skidding, jacking, winching, a temporary crane, a deck crane or a floating crane barge, etc. Also, when combining such lifting solutions, a hand-over between the steps is often necessary. Conbit is experienced in all types of hand-overs: fixed to fixed, fixed to floating, and floating to fixed. Especially the last two types require experienced crew and smart lifting procedures.

Below-deck lifting of container
Offshore Lifting Living Quarters
Below deck lift oil tank installation
Below-deck lifting of container
Below-deck lifting of container


Before executing any special offshore lifting operation, Conbit engineers carefully prepare for it. This includes basic design, concept design, structural calculations, installation procedures, lift procedures and QHSE plans. If any fabrication is necessary, this is procured and managed. Based on the preparation for the operation, the required equipment is packed and teams are scheduled.

Below-deck lifting: competitive solutions

Conbit has developed a unique combination of skills and solutions that are crucial to the safe and efficient completion of below-deck lifting projects. They include structural engineering, lifting engineering, special offshore lifting crews and special lifting equipment. This combination provides the most reliable solutions for challenging offshore projects.

Conbit is competitive not only in terms of quality but also cost factors. Among the many special lifting companies in the offshore industry, Conbit stands out for its ability  and success in engineering every detail of below-deck lifting projects. In terms of costs, Conbit beats the competitors with their heavy-lift vessels, crane vessels and jack-up barges.

Turnkey project approach

Below-deck lifting projects involve several disciplines, all of which are part of Conbit’s organisation. Conbit provides lifting engineering, structural calculations and analysis, HAZID assessments, special lifting crew and special lifting equipment. The client receives progress reports at each stage of the project.

Conbit’s vision is not restricted to the original scope of the work. If we see that improvements could result in safer and more efficient project execution, our project managers discuss these improvements with the client.

The risks involved in below-deck lifting projects are relatively easy to assess. Having worked on many such projects, the Conbit engineers and field teams are familiar with the potential hazards. During the engineering and project preparation phases, the input from all project members is highly appreciated. Safety awareness is of the highest priority.

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