Alternative lifting solutions

When your lifting job seems too difficult to perform, too expensive or even impossible, Conbit can often provide the solution. Conbit has in-depth expertise and extensive experience in designing and executing alternative lifting solutions.

We love to take on difficult lifting challenges all over the world, for various markets including the offshore oil-and-gas, wind-energy and  petrochemical industries.

Conbit loves a challenge

We enjoy operating in situations of high complexity, especially when the job initially seems too challenging to execute. We think out of the box,  looking in unusual and alternative directions to find novel methods and smart solutions. For our engineers, the starting point is always a can-do attitude and an open mind. We execute most of our ideas ourselves and have learned our lessons in practice. We know what can and what can’t be done. Getting the job done, safely and efficiently, that’s the Conbit spirit.

Also for clients who already have an idea of their own on how to execute their project using alternative lifting, Conbit can make it work. By first doing the necessary design, engineering and testing to prove that the solution is feasible, safe and reliable, then providing the necessary equipment, and finally executing the job.

Modular lifting equipment for alternative lifting

Over the years we have accumulated a large inventory of equipment, which is modular in design, to facilitate a wide variety of alternative lifting jobs. Our modules – including lightweight aluminium lifting booms, gantries, temporary cranes and suspended units – combined with our lifting tools, enable our engineers to design innovative solutions to difficult lifting challenges. Of course, all of Conbit’s modules and tools are designed by our engineering specialists with optimum safety standards in mind.

Alternative lifting solutions

With our thorough engineering design, planning and work preparations, we transform ideas into reality. Do you have a seemingly impossible challenge or an interesting idea for a solution? Discuss your challenge or idea with Conbit to find an alternative, cost-effective solution

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