Oil and gas: lifting services

Offshore lifting services in the oil and gas industry

Conbit has extensive experience in lifting services for the oil and gas industry. Examples of recent operations in which we have used our expertise to benefit clients include offshore helideck installation, oil tank installation, crane replacement and much more!

Offshore helideck installation

Conbit has replaced the helideck on the offshore F15-A platform. Executing such a project in an offshore environment is challenging because unpredictable factors including sea and wind conditions have to be taken into account.

Conbit was involved in every step of the project, including preparation of the lifting plans, calculations and technical drawings of the lifting frames, and assistance and coordination. The crane used in this project needed assistance to successfully and safely complete the replacement of the helideck.

Lifting specialists make the difference in every step of the project.

Oil tank installation

This offshore lifting project included engineering a new diesel oil storage tank and installing it on the Grove Platform. The scope of our work therefore included structural engineering, supplying manpower and lifting equipment, and coordinating the entire project.

Below-deck lifting is challenging, but does not require large crane vessels.

Crane replacement

On this crane-replacement project, Conbit's scope of work included structural design, lifting and mechanical works. A novel Conbit solution was to install a temporary crane on the platform until the new crane could be installed. The project succeeded in all its aims. We love to combine multiple competencies such as design, engineering, special lifting and mechanical handling to meet our clients’ needs.

Lifting services for the oil & gas industry

Offshore installation

The Conbit team is highly motivated to offer turnkey offshore installation services for the most challenging projects, safely and efficiently.

Offshore Decommissioning

Conbit offers a complete decommissioning package.

Flare-Tip Replacement

Flare-tip replacement services is one of Conbit’s specialties. We offer lifting solutions for both offshore and onshore flare-tip handling services.

Offshore flare-tip replacement

Offshore flare-tip replacement services is one of Conbit’s specialties. We offer special lifting solutions for offshore flare-tip handling services.

Below Deck Lifting

Below-deck lifting is an alternative for the installation of modules at locations that are difficult to reach on offshore platforms.

Rope Access Services

Conbit has a team highly experienced IRATA rope access technicians who assist in various on and offshore activities world wide

Crane Replacement Services

Conbit has performed many projects that combine structural design, lifting and mechanical works for offshore crane modification and replacement.

Procurement & Fabrication

Conbit has extensive experience in coordinating the procurement and fabrication process of the designed lifting tools.

Relevant case studies for lifting services in Oil & Gas

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