Lifting services by Conbit

Do you have a complicated lifting challenge? Conbit provides a total lifting solution to make life easier for you! We take care of the necessary equipment, the installation, the crew and usually the related construction or maintenance services for you. As with all Conbit projects, extensive engineering and project preparation is key to safe and efficient job execution. Please have a look at our case-studies for some examples.

Offshore installation

Conbit offers a supply-chain approach to offshore installation. Take, for example, a new module. We pick it up from the fabricator and it remains under our supervision until its offshore installation is complete. We avoid unnecessary use of expensive installation and transportation equipment.

Offshore lifting

Conbit has its own specialised equipment for executing lifting operations offshore. We use in-house developed temporary cranes that we assemble on site. For even more specialised lifting operations, we use custom in-house developed solutions. Consider below-deck lifting, for example. A new module arrives on a supply vessel direct from the quayside. The module is then attached to the lifting configuration, disconnected from its sea fastening and lifted directly from the supply vessel. For this kind of lifting operation, speed is vitally important.

Structural & mechanical engineering

Conbit has developed efficient engineering processes. Our main discipline is structural engineering supplemented with mechanical engineering. If necessary, we engage our trusted partners in other disciplines to complete any scope of work. Being fully prepared is one of Conbit’s core values.

Flare-tip replacement

The ultimate goal of flare-tip replacement is a safe operation and minimal shutdown time. Heavy-load handling requires high safety standards. At Conbit, safety comes first, so working with precision takes the highest priority. Conbit has done numerous flare-tip replacements, all over the world.

Why choose Conbit?

If you have a maintenance or installation job with a load-handling or structural engineering challenge, the best thing you can do is to consult Conbit. We meet your challenge for you. Each project in this category requires a unique approach. Conbit understands how to make this process as effective as possible. Our added values include:

  • Project risk-control assurance
  • Special lifting equipment availability
  • Ability to design alternatives
  • Relevant and excellent track record
  • In-house structural engineering
  • High-level quality & HSE assurance
  • Optional construction services
  • Optional maintenance services
  • Well-documented work preparation
  • Shutdown time assurance

Lifting services per market

Lifting Services for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit provides lifting services for offshore oil and gas companies.

Lifting Services for Offshore Wind

Conbit provides lifting services for the offshore wind market.

Lifting Services for Petrochemical

Conbit provides lifting services for the petrochemical market.
  • Management was very happy with the performance of the execution because it was critical activity that was completed on time, on budget and safely

    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera
    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera Shell
  • An excellent job, guys. Really a demonstration of professional approach, planning and execution of a very demanding challenge. I am fully satisfied with the job done, also with the personal approach of each individual throughout. - Thank you!

    Thomas K. Hansen
    Thomas K. Hansen Tennet

Lifting services

Case Studies

Mabruk shelter and helideck installation BD-1

Installation of an emergency shelter and helideck on the BD-1 offshore platform of Mabruk Oil Operations by Total and NOC.

OFON2 Flare Tip Replacement

Replaced the flare tip on the OFON2 complex, offshore Nigeria. A team of 5 people completed the job within a limited shutdown period.

Cable pulling assistance

Conbit supported Prysmian Group in pulling cables for Global Tech One Offshore Wind GmbH, the offshore wind farm operating company.

Installation office unit K6P

Installation of an office unit at K6P North Sea.

Flare tip exchange

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