Oil and gas: lifting equipment

Lifting equipment for the oil and gas industry

Looking for lifting or hoisting equipment for oil and gas companies? Conbit provides special equipment for companies involved in lifting. If you do not possess the necessary hoisting or lifting equipment, you can hire it from us. Do you prefer a complete service? If so, you can  outsource special lifting projects for the oil and gas industry to Conbit.

Conbit is experienced in using its equipment in the following range of projects:

Flare-tip handling FPSO

In this project, the scope of work included engineering and supplying a complete flare-tip handling system for an FPSO in Australia. Due to motions of the vessels, it is extremely challenging to handle components on FPSO’s. For this reason, Conbit provided a project-specific solution. A system with guidelines and outrigger structure was selected to perform the lifting operation.

Flare-tip handling kit

With many years of experience in flare-tip replacement and the related engineering competencies, Conbit has developed special equipment for flare-tip replacements.  Increasing numbers of platform operators and owners require handling solutions for critical modules. The offshore working environment makes replacement extremely challenging. Mechanical handling solutions are crucial. Our flare-tip handling kit is an example of a resource that will be increasingly used in the future.

Material-handling equipment has a clear objective: to eliminate
complex handling operations in case of component failure.

Systems designed by Conbit engineers offer clients the required flexibility. Safety and effectiveness are key aspects during the engineering stages.

Material-handling equipment FPSO

For difficult-to-access locations, dedicated solutions and equipment are important if replacement operations are to succeed. When the components that need to be replaced are process-critical, dedicated solutions and equipment are even more important. Shutdown valves are unlikely to fail, but if they do, components must be replaced as quickly as possible so that production can continue. Flare tips and other equipment are more likely to fail. Conbit has the know-how and the solutions to provide optimum material-handling equipment to overcome these challenges.

Lifting equipment for the offshore oil & gas industry

Temporary Cranes

Conbit supplies cranes for special lifting operations; a flexible and modular system for a wide variety of configurations.

Relevant case studies for lifting equipment in Oil & Gas

Flare-tip windshroud replacement – Malaysia

Challenging flare tip replacement – Bongkot North

Offshore flare tip replacement and maintenance activities – Dana Hanze North Sea

GSP Saturn – King Post Load Test

Conbit supports Centrica with lift below helideck

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