Heavy lifting equipment by Conbit

Are you looking for (heavy) lifting equipment or heavy load-handling tools? Conbit provides all the lifting equipment you need. We supply lifting equipment for rental and, in certain cases, for sale.

Lifting equipment rental

Conbit has developed a set of modular temporary-crane equipment. A wide variety of temporary cranes can be assembled from the modules. If you require a custom temporary crane, Conbit can provide an assembly that matches your lifting requirements. Please take a look at our temporary cranes. If you prefer, you can also outsource the whole lifting project.

Equipment you can rent includes:

  • Temporary cranes
  • Special lift booms & devices
  • Common lift & rigging equipment
  • Heavy load-handling tools

Lifting equipment supply

When you require special or custom-specified equipment, Conbit designs, fabricate and supplies it. We work according to the highest standards, international codes and customer specifications.

Some of the equipment we supply:

  • Custom designed flare-tip replacement equipment
  • Offshore wind sea fastening equipment
  • Custom designed heavy load-handling tools
  • Custom designed cranes/davits
  • Custom designed lifting gear

Why choose Conbit?

As a result of using Conbit’s heavy lifting equipment, many operations are more effective and safer than setting up huge cranes or crane vessels. Conbit provides:

  • Alternative solutions for heavy lifting
  • One-stop shopping for available lifting and rigging equipment
  • Specialised lifting know-how and experience
  • Equipment management services
  • Contracting services
  • Structural or mechanical engineering services

Lifting equipment per market

Lifting Equipment for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit provides hoisting equipment for offshore oil and gas companies.

Lifting Equipment for Offshore Wind

Conbit provides hoisting and lifting equipment for offshore wind companies.

Lifting Equipment for Petrochemical

Conbit provides lifting equipment for the onshore petrochemical sector.
  • Management was very happy with the performance of the execution because it was critical activity that was completed on time, on budget and safely

    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera
    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera Shell
  • An excellent job, guys. Really a demonstration of professional approach, planning and execution of a very demanding challenge. I am fully satisfied with the job done, also with the personal approach of each individual throughout. - Thank you!

    Thomas K. Hansen
    Thomas K. Hansen Tennet

Lifting equipment

Case Studies

Monopile handling and skidding

Solution for the handling of the Meerwind project monopiles where a new jack-up vessel has been designed and supplied.

Flare Tip Handling Kit

The flare tip handling kit allows future flare tip replacements with a system which is available in the operator’s warehouse.

Modular Lift Structure

Standardized temporary offshore lifting systems with a capacity of 5-45 tonnes allows the installation of modules and components outside the reach of the platform crane.

ALBA B3 Flare tip replacement

For the Alba-B3 compression platform Conbit delivered an exchange proposal and flare tip handling method for the future operation.

Wind turbine tilt frame

Wind turbine tilt frame for hub and blades.

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