P. van den Oever awarded Conbit the design and engineering contract for the module covering a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU). The HPU required a container type structure, which met the offshore standards.

The scope of work consisted of the engineering of the module, structural analysis of the final design, design of rigging configuration and fabrication supervision.

Conbit approaches such a project in three phases. In the concept phase, the design is produced by the senior structural engineers. Together with the client, the design is finalised and approved before embarking on the basic engineering. One of the deliverables of the basic engineering phase is the material Take Off (MTO) list. With this list, the budget for the construction can be set by requesting suppliers of material for prices and estimating the manpower requirement. During the basic engineering, the structural engineers perform the structural analysis and the structural analysis report.

The first period of detailed design is used to prepare all drawings and other specifications for the production phase. The second part of detailed design focuses on meeting all the project requirements, such as the preparation of test and inspection plans.

The Hydraulic Power Unit will operate in offshore environments all over the world. Conbit and its client therefore try to meet most applicable offshore standards, so that the system can be deployed relatively flexibly. Above all, it should be safe to transport and operate.

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