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Conbit provides wide-ranging services & solutions in its areas of expertise. Conbit develops and implements leading-edge solutions worldwide. Conbit stimulates innovation and research, which are given top priority in developing our services and solutions. Depending on our clients’ requirements, one or more services can be provided for executing projects. For further information on a specific service or solution please click below:

Offshore Decommissioning

Conbit offers a complete decommissioning package.

Flare-Tip Replacement

Flare-tip replacement services is one of Conbit’s specialties. We offer lifting solutions for both offshore and onshore flare-tip handling services.

Offshore flare-tip replacement

Offshore flare-tip replacement services is one of Conbit’s specialties. We offer special lifting solutions for offshore flare-tip handling services.

Petrochemical: flare-tip replacement

Conbit provides flare-tip replacements for the onshore petrochemical industry.

Retractable or demountable flare

Lower one flare stack while the other remains in operation with a retractable or demountable flare.

Tower Reinforcement

A unique tower-reinforcement system that strengthens existing telecom towers and increases their antenna-carrying capacity.

Below Deck Lifting

Below-deck lifting is an alternative for the installation of modules at locations that are difficult to reach on offshore platforms.

Temporary Cranes

Conbit supplies cranes for special lifting operations; a flexible and modular system for a wide variety of configurations.

Petrochemical: temporary cranes

Temporary cranes for the petrochemical industry. Conbit provides temporary cranes for special lifting operations.

Sea fastening in offshore wind

Conbit provide sea fastening engineering for the offshore wind industry.

Sea-fastening solution: Vickas

Vickas is a re-usable system for the offshore wind-energy industry that ensures safe sea fastening of monopiles with a wide range of diameters.
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