Every semester, Conbit offers internships and graduation opportunities. At Conbit, we believe that the future of our company and industry is with our young people. We believe that investing in this group will help us secure our place on the global market.

The previous Semester, Conbit had four students working on two different graduation papers. These papers relate to offshore wind and offshore oil and gas projects. Two more students had joined a structural engineering project team as interns. In this way, they've experienced how a project team works, how a project is structured and they have seen how much knowledge is required for successfully finishing a project.

Besides the internships and graduate places, Conbit works with several universities in the Netherlands. The interaction with these institutions seems to be valuable for both parties. Therefore Conbit is committed to maintain this good relations.


Interns of 2014-2015

The interns of 2014-2015

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