Conbit is now part of the ALE Group

Together we are Smarter, Safer, Stronger

Conbit is now part of the ALE Group

We are excited to announce that Conbit is now part of the ALE Group. ALE, is a global leader in heavy transportation and lifting, with branches worldwide delivering innovative solutions and high quality services and quality standards. The acquisition was finalized on July 13th 2017.

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As Conbit, we have continued to develop our reputation in the industry and, by working together with ALE, we can now grow the business in a way that we never imagined. We can optimize our networks and strengthen our overall service as we bridge our skills together.

Conbit will continue delivering a full-service approach and innovative customized solutions to a wide range of markets, including on- and offshore oil and gas, offshore wind energy, petrochemicals and telecom.

For onshore and offshore lifting challenges, Conbit provides a total lifting solution. From engineering lifting and rigging plans to the execution of the activities that require lifting, such as maintenance, offshore installation or decommissioning. With our special designed lifting equipment, we are able to provide a total lifting solution.  Our focus is on maximizing efficiency, and minimizing risks by thorough preparation for all worldwide projects.  Becoming part of the ALE group provides the potential to take on more extensive scopes of work requiring additional equipment and covering a greater geographical spread.

Apart from our on and offshore lifting services and lifting equipment, Conbit will continue to provide solutions and services for the telecom industry.

Paul Staal – CEO of Conbit “I am excited for Conbit to be working alongside a company that shares the same values, culture and vision. For both companies, safety and well-being of the individuals we work with and the clients we work for is a priority.   By thoroughly preparing every step of a project, we aim to minimize risks for our employees and clients and set an improved standard in efficiency and safety. I look forward to the opportunities this acquisition brings.”

Conbit’s headquarter will continue to be based in Eindhoven, and our name and branding will be kept the same. Also, the management team and services will remain unchanged and you can contact us in the same way as before.


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