On the 8th January 2020, two of the biggest companies in the heavy lifting sector, ALE and Mammoet, merged and the two businesses will now operate as one company under the Mammoet brand. This new acquisition will also see Conbit, formerly part of ALE, become part of the Mammoet business.

Mammoet is a global market leader specialising in engineered heavy lifting and transport in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, civil, and offshore sectors. Globally, approximately 5,000 people work for Mammoet across roughly 90 offices and branches.

Here at Conbit, we couldn’t be more excited about our next chapter. Now more than ever, we’re strategically positioned to deliver integrated onshore and offshore projects that will add value to each and every one of our customers by expanding the scope of services that we can provide.

We’re thrilled to be joining a company that shares our passion for maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk across the world. Combining our companies’ different skill sets will have a transformative effect on our service going forward: enhanced scalability, next-level innovation capabilities, and efficient mobilization all the way from single-day local jobs to multi-year megaprojects. Armed with the power of preparation, we’ll be safer, smarter, and even stronger than before.

While this merger obviously represents a significant development for our company, existing clients can still expect business as usual. Conbit will continue to deliver a full-service approach and innovative customized solutions to a wide range of markets, including on- and offshore oil and gas, offshore wind energy, petrochemicals, and telecoms. We’ll continue to be based in Eindhoven, our management team and services will remain completely unchanged, and you’ll be able to contact us using exactly the same methods as before.

Throughout the year, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive responses from our customers and partners with respect to this merger. It’s been great to see the Conbit and Mammoet teams engaging so productively, and we’re all looking forward to what we’ll be able to achieve as one company and one global community.

We know you’re here with us on every step of this journey, and we appreciate your continued support.

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