Conbit expands services in South East Asia

Conbit has expanded its geographical spread to provide specialist services across the South East Asia region.

A dedicated sales representative is now based in ALE’s office in Jakarta, the regional head office, and will service clients in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Brunei.

“This decision was made as we have seen an increasing demand for Conbit services across the South East Asia region,” explained Paul Staal, Managing Director.

“We wanted to increase the amount of face-to-face communication and respond to clients faster. We will be providing a more effective and more personal level of business, enabling us to focus on building relationships with both new and existing clients in the region.”

Typical offshore services include lifting and handling, flare tip replacement, transportation and installation, offshore maintenance, decommissioning, and onshore towers and stacks.

Jeremie Rotier

Jeremie Rotier, Business Development Manager

For any enquiries, please contact our Business Development Manager, Jeremie Rotier:

Business Development Manager

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