Pre-assembled Unit

To minimize offshore works, the water treatment and injection facility was supplied to the quayside as a pre-assembled unit (PAU). Conbit engineers prepared and managed the load-out, and provided load-out assistance at the manufacturer.

Offshore installation

Prior to the installation, a supply vessel transported the PAU – in two parts – to the Seafox 2, which was positioned next to the F15-A platform. The Seafox 2’s crane was then used to lift both parts of the PUA off the supply vessel. For this lifting operation, Conbit’s modular spreader bar was used.

On deck of the Seafox 2,  the PAU was assembled. For the lifting and installation of the PAU (total weight: 52000 kg) onto the platform, Seafox 2’s main platform crane was used. The Conbit crew was present on the supply vessel, the Seafox 2 and the F15-A platform to coordinate the project.

In addition to all the engineering deliverables, Conbit supplied the rigging and rope-access crew required for this installation. The module was successfully installed, without damage or injury. This project shows that there is a considerable advantage in appointing one responsible party for both transport and installation.

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