Conbit has extensive experience in designing flare-tip handling systems and executing flare-tip replacement procedures.

The flare tip handling method used by Conbit is characterised by special lifting concepts. Using lightweight modular equipment, a temporary lifting configuration is assembled on the flare tip access platform to perform a challenging lift. At all times, the focus is on safety and efficiency. The lifting systems are thoroughly tested before installation.

In this case, the high-pressure flare tip (weighing 536 kg) was atop a vertical flare tower, 77 m above the main deck. The main equipment used for this project was a lifting winch (WLL=1MT), aluminium truss components and a base frame. The project was executed within 13 days, 7 days prior to the shutdown for all preparations and 6 days during the shutdown. Conbit’s team of IRATA  rope-access technicians have extensive experience in successful flare‑tip replacements. Before each project, a risk assessment is done and a job safety analysis is documented. Daily toolbox meetings before starting the operation are also an important part of the procedure.



Not only the flare tip but also some other parts of the flare stack had to be replaced. The scope of the work included relocating pilot gas lines, installing a new ignitor and thermocouple cables, and installing new conduit lines

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