The systems are designed to perform offshore lifts.  With such a lift, the first few meters are critical. The waves move the vessel up and down, a movement which is independent from the lifting configuration on the platform. The required speed is precisely the reason why Conbit uses very fast lift winches. For smaller modules, Conbit deploys one such winch. For heavier modules, Conbit can upgrade with an extra winch. The winches are operated by diesel hydraulic powerpacks, making the lifting configuration independent from the offshore platform utilities.

The independent nature of the modular lifting systems allows deployment at many locations on the offshore platform, supply vessel, drill rig and other assets. The installation of the system does not require any support from the deck crane or other heavy equipment. The system can be assembled manually, using small secondary installation aids. Most components are made of aluminium.

The footprint of the lifting configuration is flexible. The loads during the lifting operation can be introduced into the strong points of the platform by altering the base frame. The Conbit engineers have standardized the footprint arrangement for quick mobilization. For components such as flare tips, Conbit deploys other specialised equipment.

All temporary lifting systems designed by Conbit are tested and certified before transportation to the job location. Once arrived at the job location, a second load test is carried out. This procedure leaves no room for circumstances which jeopardize the planning and safety of the installation project.

The lifting systems can be used to lift Living Quarter Modules, Helideck sections, Skimmer Tanks, Separation Modules, Deck Crane Components, Generators, Riser Sections and flare booms. For other components, such as flare tips, Conbit has designed other equipment.

The lightweight lifting system provides a safe, flexible and above all cost effective alternative for challenging offshore lifting projects. The system has been used in many projects, resulting in optimizations to the system. Conbit is proud of the projects completed with no Lost Time Incident and within the project planning.

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