Frequent professional inspection, as well as annual tension servicing and greasing is essential to ensure safety of the structure, to prevent unnecessary maintenance and to prolong the service life of the wires.

The flare stack FL-5701 needed guy wire maintenance on 12 wires with a total length of ca. 1200m


Conbit provided a complete package of maintenance services, including greasing and inspection. The greasing of the guy wires was done by rope access technicians, and simultaneously the wires were visually inspected.


In order to perform the tensioning in an efficient way, the Conbit engineers designed a hydraulic tensioning tool.

The measurements of tension and angel deviations were recorded and discussed with Conbit’s back office in the Netherlands. They provided the field team with correct calculations and information to ensure the correct tension and project execution.


In addition to the maintenance of the guy wires, Conbit provided a rope access rescue crew and performed maintenance activities on the flare stack it self.

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