Offshore wind: lifting equipment

Looking for lifting or hoisting equipment for offshore wind farms? Conbit provides temporary cranes or special lifting equipment that are uniquely improved to address the requirements of any challenging offshore environment.

Do you prefer a full service? You can also outsource the complete lifting project to Conbit as well. Discover our services

Temporary cranes

If you want to execute a lifting operation beyond the reach or capacity of your crane or to avoid the cost of using a crane vessel for your offshore operations, Conbit is here for help.

Conbit has a large fleet of temporary cranes. Each crane is assembled from modular parts specifically geared to your job. Knuckle boom cranes are specialized equipment in the fleet to overcome a wide range of challenges and can be deployed to substations as a backup to the deck crane. They can also be deployed for larger modification projects. The knuckle boom cranes have ATEX certification and are certified to perform offshore lifts.

Lifting equipment

Conbit supplies lifting equipment on a rental basis. If you need a spreader bar, lifting gear or winches, etc., Conbit is your trusted partner. We also offer standard rigging containers that provide the most common rigging equipment necessary for your project. With our simple and convenient equipment and solutions, you will be prepared for any offshore wind challenges.

Custom-designed equipment

Conbit engineers are highly experienced in designing, engineering, and arranging fabrication of a wide range of sea-fastening and lifting equipment. Customised equipment requires a design process with many milestones and design freezes in order to complete on time. Conbit carefully controls such processes.


As a winner of the Floating Wind Technology Acceleration Competition, Conbit has been awarded a fund for an R&D project to study the exchange of major components in an offshore environment by using a customized version of lifting technology that Conbit has developed for the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Conbit’s modular lifting system won the competition’s challenge for a floating wind technology that could provide the safe and cost-effective exchange of large turbine components offshore when floating foundation structures are moving due to wave motion. Read more


Lifting equipment for the offshore wind industry

Temporary Cranes

Conbit supplies cranes for special lifting operations; a flexible and modular system for a wide variety of configurations.

Sea-fastening solution: Vickas

Vickas is a re-usable system for the offshore wind-energy industry that ensures safe sea fastening of monopiles with a wide range of diameters.

Relevant case studies for lifting equipment in Wind

Monopile handling and skidding

Cable pulling assistance

Modular Lifting System

Wind turbine tilt frame

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