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Conbit has been involved in a wide range of projects, offers specialised equipment and solutions, and can provide you with special services as described on this website. Here you will find a variety of case studies that illustrate the high quality you can expect when working with Conbit.

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Latics – Telecom Tower Reinforcement

Conbit has developed Latics for reinforcement of towers: a solution for greater strength and less deflection of your telecom tower.

Structural reinforcement of high voltage pylons

Conbit offers complete engineering services for high-voltage pylon sites. We make designs and calculations for strengthening of structures and foundations, and we are one of the few companies in the Netherlands that performs full high-voltage [...]

High voltage pylon elevation

Jacking of high voltage pylons, from engineering to project execution

Greenfield site

Antennas and dishes are installed on the lattice tower; directly on the pile or on a secondary construction of the pile.

Rooftop site

Antennas are installed on wall mounted poles or pole frames located on the roof of a building. Sites like these need careful engineering because of the existing (weak) wall construction.

High voltage pylons

Conbit can do the complete design for antenna holders, engineer the whole Pylon or design strengthening.

Historic buildings

Sites on historic buildings should be given special attention to reduce the visibility of the telecom installation and to engineer it according special mounting specifications.


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